Praying for opportunities daily to serve others and when the money was given to share, we continued to pray.  We had a family that is in the ministry that had asked to stay at our home over their spring break.  We said yes!  And the Lord laid on my heart that is your giving opportunity.  It was laid right in our laps.  This family barely makes it and does a great ministry in Kansas.  When I gave the money (which we added to) he was so very grateful and said that the month had been lean and that they did not know if they were going to be able to come on it until the last minute.  Their son was playing in the National Home School Basketball Championships in Springfield.  It was truly a blessing to help them out and see the funds given by the church BLESS a family of 6 that continues to trust GOD in every area.

Grateful to be a part of a church that not only looks in but continues to look OUT as Jesus did…



After work on Tuesday; I made a trip to Walmart to get some necessities for dinner. While checking out at the self checkout, I happened to notice the girl checking out next to me. Her buggy was almost completely empty just 2 cups of ramen soup, a quart of milk, and a pack of hot dogs. While she was checking out her son (maybe 5) was asking if he could have a bad of chips because he was hungry. The mother looked at her son and explained that she didn't have enough money and proceeded to dig for spare change in her purse for the few items she did have. At that moment I felt the Lord touch me and I pulled the envelope from my purse. While the mother was busy I gave the envelope to her son and told him it was very important that he gave it to his mom. After he took it I left the cash out area and sat in the back of the subway. I watched the boy give his mom the envelope, saw her open it and heard her exclaim "who gave this to you!" The boy looked around but could not see me. At that moment the mother saw my added note simply stating "trust in the Lord" after a few moments she canceled her p payment and continued shopping, an hour or so later she came to the same check out line with much more food in her buggy and what looked like a weight lifted off her shoulders. Her and her son scanned each item smiling at what they had picked. I continued to sit in the subway and marvel at the amazing work God was doing. Thank you FBC for helping me spread the work of God, and thank you God that you moved me at the opportune time to glorify you!


We gave $175.00 to a man that just moved here. He is a veteran. His son had took his life In a sudden moment of depression and his wife got pregnant with another mans baby. In a desperate way of escaping his life there he moved and ended up here. He couldn't afford his rent or the black pants he needed to start work. 

We gave him 175.00 to pay one week on his place of living and have invited him to start going to church with us. :) I love working for God...

Anyway $90.27 and purchased the Lords Super plate, cups, and bread to go out and serve the people in nursing homes the LORDS SUPER!! I'm excited to see how many people we get to reach out to. and how many nursing homes open there doors to us. Thank you for serving and sending everyone out with this amazing gift. I pray this spreads beyond our imagination. AMEN 


When I received the envelope with $25.00 a couple of Sundays ago, I prayed about being led to bless someone with it who needed it.  I opened the envelope and removed the note inside.  A day later I was moved to write "God loves You" on the front of the envelope.  I then ran across a Billy Graham tract with the plan of Salvation in it, and placed that in the envelope along with the money, and sealed it and put it in my purse.  On Tuesdays I volunteer at CAM, Christian Action Ministries, and while I was visiting with clients, I ran across a young man who was homeless, living in his car, and I felt led to give the envelope to him.  He thanked me for it, and asked what church it was from.  I told him, and he thanked me again and left with his food.  I don't expect to ever know what he bought with it, but I felt it was the right place for it.  God knows.

A couple of years ago Pastor Neil asked for volunteers for a "Thanksgiving Project" without telling what it was about, and I signed up for it.  One Sunday he had all of us who had signed up to come up to the front, and we were given an envelope with $100.00 in it.  We were given the same kind of assignment, to use it to bless someone who needed it.  My next door neighbors are a large family of Mexican people, so I took the envelope to them.  One of the older boys was home and answered the door, and I told him to wait till the family was home before they opened it.  A few hours later, the mother of the house knocked at my door, and with tears in her eyes told me that it was "an answer to prayer".  She hugged me a couple of times and thanked me profusely.  I felt more blessed than she was. 

It is such a joy to be able to bless people in the name of Jesus.


Wow!!! Just wow!!! It’s difficult to even put into words what a blessing this money was to “Jane” and how our Lord worked through not only our church but myself, my family and my work to provide a financial need but also encouragement, faith and hope to someone who desperately needed it!!!


It all started 4 days before I received the money at church. I work in healthcare and was approached by a coworker that said we had a patient asking us for food for her and her family. I met Jane that day who was having a procedure. I began helping her and her young daughter and infant find resources in their community to provide food     for that day and made arrangements for future needs. Jane has been on my heart and in my prayers since I met her. Of course, little did I know the series of events that would unfold.

I came home that nite and shared Janes story with my husband and children. We prayed for her and her family. You can imagine the feeling I had in church when presented with this opportunity.

I had kept Janes information and called her. In the last two days, I have learned that Janes situation was more dire than I had originally thought. Not only is she in need of basic needs but is facing a cancer diagnosis.   When I began talking with her about the hope, love and grace of our Lord, she was absolutely inconsolable! In talking with her the transformation in her outlook was apparent. I KNOW this money will be appreciated but the message Jane received is the true gift.

 I set out to provide a material gift but ended up feeling blessed to be the vessel that the Lord used to be able to reach Jane!!


Thank you for this opportunity to not only help me learn the power of our Lord but also have my children witness His great works!!



I did not get my story sent in on time. But would like to tell it anyway. It was Friday and I almost figured I was not paying attention. Then the lady at were I work, whom I have at different times,  witness to her, but she would say, " I will think about that". Well she was needing to leave work early, and Becky had not come in, to make the checks, therefore she would not get her check in time before she had to leave. She said she needed it to get gas to get home and to pay for the repairs on her vehicle, as she was driving her mothers car. So I thought this the one I was to bless, and give me another chance to witness to her, by giving her the money. So I went and brought it to her, and said that God loves her and how and why I chose to bless her. She got teary and said thank you. Hugged and she said that some angel or god was watching out for her. In other conversations, she has said that she believes in all the gods?? So at that being said, said the difference is that I just believe in one, and again said that he Loved her. Then today I looked in my desk drawer and there was a note with the money in it. It said,"Thank you for blessing me when I needed it. Now, go bless someone else who has a need. I originally thought of someone to bless as soon as I picked up the envelope. Then I thought maybe I should wait to make sure, that it is not I that had decided, and wait till the weekend to see if I was prompted by the Holy Spirit and not what I thought of. I could always, give the money, to whom I thought of first. Well I take it that whom I thought of first, will be the second blessing, for this gift that was giving to us by a very generous person. If that person could know that, there are times when there is more then one blessing for the same money.


Not sure whom learned more from this, The blessed or me. God ways are bigger and more far reaching, then mine. I like his plan better. ;-)


Love when our church gives us a gift to gift to someone or someones.  As we thought and prayed after church and the couple of days before giving the gift, we thought of the people that you see on the side of the road or people walking or people at your work.  We  prayed and our thoughts kept coming back to a young lady who went on her first mission trip to a country that is dear to our hearts. So we gave the money and a little extra to the young woman who will be serving on her second mission trip to serve and spread God's word and to be the hands and feet of God.


I work with a student who works hard to support herself at a second job off campus.  She was going on a school trip this week and had to pay for her own food.  We blessed her with the $25 to help with that. (She has only gone to very small churches and has asked me questions about large churches. She is amazed people work at them as a job.)  I think she felt loved.

I didn't know what to do with this envelope, but figured that another $25 wasn't going to kill me, so we matched it and put $50 in an envelope.  I had a waitress at a local restaurant that seemed a little "worse for wear" although she was most pleasant, but I had a feeling that this is where the envelope should go. I had already put the money in a card, and written the following:

For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

Know that Jesus loves you.  He has blessed us, and in turn we wish to bless you.

Whatever is going on in your life, know that God is there to help you.

He’s got this.  In His love, S & J

I was with a group of people and we paid with one payment; I merely slipped the envelope with her name on it into the folder along with the credit card receipt.  It reminded me of Christmas when I found a gift I thought someone would especially like, and the joy I got from giving it to them as a secret Santa.

I was at Murphy's Gas Station there by the Walmart and I believe it's Ozark Missouri and a lady approached me and said here's $25 because she was told to pray about who to give that money to and when she seen me she knew she was supposed to give it to me I want to tell you a little bit about myself I was a heroin addict for 19 years well from 13 to 32 I was addicted to opiates from 13 to 17 and then started heroin at 17 and went Non-Stop I lost my oldest daughter to the state of Missouri I lost my third daughter to the state of Missouri my second daughter I share custody with my ex-husband and I have a 7 week old son that lives with me and my husband I've been sober for 11 months on March 12th 2018 in the last month my husband got laid off and because of my addiction I got into some trouble back in 2012 and in my and I'm a convicted felon I've been having a hard time finding work that pays the bills and because I share custody with my second daughter 50% of my income that I do get paid never I have a job gets taken out of my check so what money I do make barely pays the bills I can't even get food stamps I'm lucky I have Medicaid insurance and the last two weeks my husband got laid off from his job like I said and I'm unable to work right now because I was in a car accident on February 28th while I was in my husband's car and got hurt and the very next day my husband was in my car with our son luckily he wasn't in it at the time because somebody hit and ran my vehicle while my husband and son was in a place of business both of the cars are drivable but I'm injured from the first accident I'm trying so hard we don't get enough formula through WIC to feed my son and I've almost had to steal formula in order to make sure my son is fed I can't afford to buy clothes for business casual job and I can't even afford the $13 that I need for my background check for home aide company that said even though I am a felon they will hire me once I get done with their background check and doozer forgiveness paperwork and get three letters of recommendations on why I've changed enough to deserve that job I can't get help from the state because I'm a felon I'm about to try to get rehired through the company I used to work at called fls connect it's now remote meaning I'll be doing it from home and it's political campaigning for the Republican National Committee it's a job and as a Christian I believe that we are to support our Authority so that's why I don't mind doing it the only problem is I can't even afford the start-up money I need to get a desktop with Windows 10 and a monitor it just seems like no matter what I do there's something that blocks me from being able to do it completely I've been trying so hard and I've been so overwhelmed I don't know where to turn to I tried setting up a GoFundMe page but nobody wants to help a felon whenever I put that in my story or are recovering addict because I need to go fund me page so I can pay my past restitution to the courts so that I can get off probation so that I can get a better paying job to provide for my 7 week old son and be able to pay my child support So when that lady handed me that $25 at the gas station that just let me know that God he may not be providing me with everything I need at this moment but he's he's there and that really helped me because I thought God may have forgotten about me a little bit like I said I celebrated 11 months sober on the 12th of March and it seems like lately everything just crumbling around me two car accidents in two days not able to get food stamps WIC barely provides the formula my son needs I can't afford diapers I can't afford wipes I can't afford clothes that fit me for when I go to a job interview because either my clothes are too big from being pregnant or too small from before I got pregnant so if you can pray and help me that would be amazing that lady today she verified God still watching over me pray that my needs can be met I really appreciate you stranger her gave me the $25 I'm sorry I was on the phone with Walmart I lost a $10 Walmart gift card and I was too busy to give you a proper thank you I've literally been selling my old clothes and jewelry and random things around my house on an app called letgo just to have money for gas and food so thank you

Today I had the privilege of being able to meet with an old friend who was traveling through Branson.  He stopped by to see and encourage people.  He will be on a journey that will take him across the United States, and eventually on Mission to unreached people groups with the Gospel.  When I asked how he was making it from place to place, it was a Holy Spirit led moment to be able to give him the gift and pray with him.  It’s was so fun to see my heart prompted by the Lord and a blessing to be able to support him financially as he walks with Jesus and loves people.  Thanks again for allowing us to give and support the work of the Gospel in others’ lives.



 We followed Pastor Jeremy’s request with the generous gift from an anonymous donor this morning. Actually it happened much quicker than we anticipated, right after we left church….we believe it was DEFINITELY God leading us. When we left church we passed a side street where we noticed a gentleman working on his car that had broken down.  We turned around to see if we could lend a hand. We told him about First Baptist Church Branson & felt as though the money was meant for him.  We believe Jesus sent us that way home in order to help Don.  We matched the generous $25 gift from the church and gave this to Don to help him. It was, and is, such a wonderful feeling to help someone & to tell them about The Lord.  GOD IS AWESOME!!!!

We truly appreciated the encouragement and the invitation to love people in the name of Jesus.  Our story is a pretty simple one.  After we picked up the letter, Sharon leaned over and shared with me that she had always wanted to have Steve and Rachel McAllister over for a meal.  Since we had just gotten back from our trip to Colorado we opted to see if they wanted to go out for dinner.  We had a wonderful visit together and we were able to encourage one another and find out how we can pray more specifically for them and their ministry.

Thanks for encouraging us with this mission invitation to love others in the name of Jesus!

I would just like to take a minute and tell you how wonderful, loving, caring, and awesome _____ & ________are. Their compassion for others is just amazing in every way possible. They have helped me and my family out too many times to count. They are true family to me and my children. I always hate to ask them for money because I know they have their bills and things they need to get for themselves, but they never lie to me about anything when I ask for help. I have known them for some time now and absolutely love them to death. I messaged Charles this evening about borrowing $20 but did not tell him why. He told me that all the money they have that's extra has to be for their back rent and I said ok. Charles then called me and told me about an envelope that was handed to everyone at church and got told to give it to someone who needs it and that GOD would bring that person to them. I turned around, with being less than 5 minutes away from home and met them at their home. Charles explained to me that they could use it, but if GOD sent someone to them, they would give it to them. They gave me the envelope 


Wanda and I both gave our money to one of my neighbors, who lives on a very limited Social Security income and never has much left after rent and bills, she does get some assistance, but we though our combined money would help her.  She started crying and Wanda and I both had tears in our eyes.  We just told her the money was from Jesus.  Then we both took some of our own money and bought snacks for one of the classes at Branson Elementary so kids could have extra food if they needed it.  It was a great Sunday. 


Sunday at Church we received a gift from a donation that someone had given to the church and after working all day after church, I sat down at home for dinner, and after that opened up the envelope to find Twenty-Five Dollars in cash and a note. I started to think about what Jeremy was telling us at church and I when I went to bed, I prayed and talked to the Lord about the best way to give this money out to someone or some where that it could be used most. I also was reminded of that bible story when Jesus fed the five-thousand on  so little. He fed those people on five fish and some bread. I then said donating that money to one of our food banks or missionary work that they were doing would reach out to more than one person, and that the money could feed a family or person or even a group and that in turn would be great. So, after going to Price Chopper and getting that money turned into a gift card, I first went to Salvation Army but they were closed so my mission was not complete yet. I then followed that up with one stop at where I work and after talking to my co-worker and boss he said try Jesus was Homeless. So, I decided to go there Monday morning and I did. After entering the building,  Carla was busy with this man who was seeking help and while waiting Gary S. came in and asked me what I needed, and I told him that our Church was on a mission to help out someone in need from the donation that we had received. Gary shook my hand and told me thank you very much. Next, finally I got to talk with Carla, and she was so thankful for what we were doing and told me that this man who was sitting there was in need of help and that this would help, as they feed so many each day. I said I thought with that certificate that maybe it could buy a ham or turkey or other food that they could use in their daily serving the needy in our community. After that I said, "Mission Accomplished", as I had done something that was going to help out more than one person and knowing also that my prayer was answered. Thank you to the one person who donated this money to our church and the way we can get out there and show what we can do with so little and be thankful for what we have and can do in our lives.

Jesus is so wonderful in his love that he has for us all and it showed on Sunday March 11, 2018 at FBC-Branson with that donation and what we could do with it.

Wow! God never ceases to amaze me with his awesome love!  Here's my story of how God will use the money in the envelope you gave my family last Sunday:

Several years ago I hosted a Ladies' Bible Study in my home for the women of Omaha, AR.  Omaha is a troubled little town just south of the Missouri border.  Spiritually churches have split and bad, bitter feelings can be sensed in the air.  I had to cease hosting the study due to finances and I felt such guilt and emptiness for those women ever since.  For two years now I have been disabled by a stoke and broken hip.  Since God healed me from all my issues (That's another story for another day! PTL!) I can now teach again.  But I feel a real burden for the ladies here in Omaha who cannot travel to FBC Branson or the other large churches to get fed spiritually. 

 I have been praying about how we could afford to purchase materials for a new study here in Omaha for all women of all denominations to bond us together as Christians as I believe God desires  us to be.  I couldn't believe it when pastor Jeremy told us of the generous contibution made for ministry!  If I could have ran down the aisle, I would have!  My husband and I came home, ordered the materials online and I made the flyers to hand out to every church, the diner and the Hometown Market to advertise the study!  I have attached the flyer so you can see what we hope will attract women to the study.  It's a Powerpoint attachment so I hope you can open it.  Our community is poor and I did not want them to let cost hold them back.  We could afford to chip in some and then the church contribution made it happen!  Thank you!

Please pray for us that God would send the women in need of His love and that we would grow in knowledge and strength.  I also need prayer as I lead them in the scriptures.  

In Christ's undying love and mercy,

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