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Sunday Bible Studies at 9:15 A.M.

Disciple Makers -- The Well (lower level of the Life Center / below the gym)
This class spends the majority of their time in Bible Study supported with power point presentations, videos, music and props. Ages in the class range from 20-80 years of age and the average attendance is between 90-100 individuals. The class meets together 1 or 2 times per year outside of class time.


Home Builders  -- Room C202                                                                                                                              

This couples class is focused on building Christ-centered homes with a foundation on God’s Word. This class averages 32 in attendance and is mainly class participation. This class enjoys fellowshipping together and meets once a month for a shared meal following church.

Prays -- Choir Room

God’s Word is the main source of study material, but this class also enjoys learning about Him through His creation. The ages in this class range from mid 20’s to mid 50’s. There is a balance between lecture and class participation. This group averages 10-12 in attendance and meets together outside of class at Christmastime. Ministry projects vary with needs brought before them.

Fellowship -- Room C201
This class is a balance between lecture and class participation. Ages range from 40-70 with an average of 25 in attendance each week. Service projects include helping at Bridge of Faith every fourth Wednesday and helping those in need financially several times a year.

Lamplighters -- Room C203
This class is a balance of lecture and class participation. Ages in this class range between 50-70 years. Attendance averages 24 individuals each week. Outside of class this group gets together a couple of times a year.

Lighthouse -- Room B201
This class is participation-based with members ranging in age from 60–87 and averages 38 in attendance weekly. This active class meets together 6 - 8 times per year outside of class time. Supporting people in need is their main focus of service ministry.


Launch -- B202

This gathering of mostly singles encourages and prays for each other and huddles around God's Word for encouragement and fellowship. 

Dorcas -- Conference Room A

This senior adult ladies class has an attendance averaging 12. These ladies enjoy each other’s company and often eat lunch together following worship. They also get together about six times per year outside of class. The ladies enjoy supporting many other ministries as they are able.

High School & Middle School Students - The Loft (in the main building above the old coffee shop / near the main offices)

Gathering for students to open God's Word together in a relaxed, fun atmosphere and learn to apply it to every day life. 

Sunday Bible Studies at 10:45 A.M.


Journey -- Room C203
Geared to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of all ages, this class will explore topics relevant to parenting and life. It will be a mixture of discussion, group support, and information through video studies and exploring God's Word.

Solid Faith -- Room B201
This class is based on Hebrews 5:12-14 and seeks to take believers deeper in their faith by faithfully teaching God's Word. The class seeks to grow in the "solid food" of God's Word through studies of various biblical books. The class is open to all ages.
Young Families -- Room C202
This group of gospel-centered young couples and families encourage and equip one another to grow in Christ through the teaching of God's word and building relationships with others. They use short, topical series from the Bible or other current Christian literature as the basis for class discussion, and are intentional about growing relationships outside of class.

High School Students - The WELL (below the Life Center Gym)

Gathering to hang out, build community, do gospel-centered Bible study, discussion, prayer and real life application.


Middle School Students - The Loft (above the Journey Cafe)

Gathering for 6th-8th grade students featuring fun game, teaching from God's Word and discussion.

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